2018 Niue Battles That Changed History Midway 1 oz Silver Coin

2018 Niue Battles That Changed History Midway 1 oz Silver Coin


Issued on behalf of the Island of Niue as part of the “Battles That Changed History” Series, this 1 oz silver coin commemorates Admiral Nimitz and the Battle of Midway, fought during World War 2.

Coin comes with special Box with Certificate of Authenticity.

Country:                     Niue

Year of Issue:            2018

Face Value:                $2

Metal:                         .999 Silver

Weight:                       31.01 grams

Diameter:                   40 mm

Quality:                       Antique Colored

Mintage:                     5,000

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The obverse of this coin has engraver John Reich’s very European-looking version of Miss Liberty facing left. Her soft cap has LIBERTY incused, the date is centered at the bottom, seven stars are to the left, and six stars are to the right. The reverse features a more natural-looking eagle with the Union shield on its chest. For the first time in the half eagle series, the denomination is displayed. The motto is incused on a ribbon that arcs from wing tip to wing tip, and the legend surrounds the central devices. In its claws the eagle holds an olive branch and three arrows. Unlike the previous Type, these heraldic symbols are now in their proper place. The designer John Reich came to America as an indentured servant to escape the ravages of the Napoleonic Wars. He toiled at the Mint for a decade before quitting in disgust over never having been given a raise, and working under the overbearing and far less-talented Robert Scot.